The Short

The short of it is that I am a 30 year old poker player.  I recently moved to Montreal in order to get in some more live poker, enjoy a new environment and just simply switch things up.  I have a wife, a dog and the wife came with a guinea pig.  Yes she’s also 30.  No not the guinea pig my wife.

I have been playing poker for about ten years, did all sorts of gambling before that and for as long as I can remember.  This blog will just be a series of stories about my poker, the things that make my blood boil, and the media that I enjoy.

You can follow me on twitter, facebook and all other sorts of other time wasters but I will try to enrich your life as much as I can from here.

  1. Tino says:

    Sorry fella, never knew youhad a decent blog up and running. Lesley pointed me in this direction and it will be great to be updated about your poker poker adventures.

    Best of luck with the grinding, seeing some screenshots of your HM graphs just made me feel so much better about my own game 😉

    • arukidinme says:

      Thanks for following Tino. Just posted month end graph, looks a bit better these days. To be fair, things have gone pretty good over the last five months. It’s just easier to complain then brag at times.

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