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So it has been nearly forever since I posted my last update.  Since my last post life has been a constant roller coaster.  Like the old school ones, where you go up really high just to fall as equal far but much quicker then the ride up.  Followed by a bunch more ups and downs, a few sharp turns and a grinding halt.  I think that the graph sums up pretty well how things have gone since February.  I have moved down and try to get some confidence back but all that keeps happening is that I lose money in absurd spots.  While there is not a ton of green on the blog I have still managed to come out ahead by nearly 10k after rake back, bonus and MTT scores.

YTD cash July 2015

Year over year has not been much better, every month it feels like I lose more and more to the run outs in all in pots and its really getting to a boiling point for me.   As you can see below my green line (money won) and orange line (allin EV corrected) are trying to plot on different graphs.  June and first week of July was pretty nice, I actually moved back down to 25plo to get back some confidence and actually scored the top spot on poker table ratings for the month.

Since July 2014

However things quickly took a turn for the worse in Vegas.  For the first time in five trips I came home a loser.  In fact Lesley and I could not cash in any games.  I actually could not cash in a plo MTT where I had nearly 8% of the chips in play at the end of late registration.  I managed to stone cold bubble the game which paid ~4k to first (I finished 13th).  Cash games where not any kinder, and I was actually just looking forward to getting home and grinding some more online.  However that all went sour pretty quickly.  To be fair I was probably still a bit annoyed about the trip and being down so much and I quickly was getting tilted over nothing.  Add on a bunch of bad beats and yada-yada and next thing you know I have lost about 70bis, and about 40 below.  I actually would have lost less money this month if I decided to fold every hand instead and donate my blinds.  The only good news is that after those first few bad sessions I decided to move down to the micros and try to 10plo and get back into good habits and tilt less however I just managed to lose about every all in pot which has not helped my attitude this week.

BB July 2015


So what’s a guy to do?  Well going forward I think that I am going to draw down my bankroll and start at the micros and just spin up my bankroll.  Also I am really going to put in a bunch of focus away from poker and enjoy as much of the summer as I can.  My coach actually went from 2plo to 100plo in a matter of three weeks, so I do not see why I can not take $300 and a few months and slowly work my way back up to SSPLO.  I think the plan is going to be:

$300 grind to ~$500 take shots at 10plo

$400 to $800 grind 10plo, take 10bi shot at 25plo once I get to ~$800

$1000 to $2500 At 25plo I am going to grind until I have 100bi, I will take a 10bi shot then.

$2000+ 50plo

I am unsure if I am going to play zoom or regular tables for the challenge.  I am thinking that it might be zoom for 5plo and 10plo and then regular tables after that.  Also really not putting any time restraint or volume goals.  I have way too much fun stuff to do over the next six to eight weeks to be worried about getting in 1k more hands.  I will be trying to get in as much as I can but this week is the Just for laughs festival, end of the month is Pokerstars party and rib fest in Toronto, and mid august is music festival in Montreal.  Add in some video games, board games, painting and other random stuff there is little sense in letting some bad poker sessions ruin my attitude all summer.


Going to do a separate post for all other non poker updates since this is just such a downer

How has the February shots gone you might ask?




More then two weeks into February and things are going pretty well.  February has been filled with typical trials away from poker, along with some at the tables.  For a change I did not run terrible while moving up a stake.  It took ~2500 hands before the cooler hit.  To be fair I was on quite the heater prior to running bad, and it was at least some comfort that I was ahead of where I started the month when I decided to move up.  None the less poker is pretty hard when you can not win a turned over hand and then to make matters worse, my computer started to cry when the new Note Caddy update came out.  As a result I decided to revert to the older stable version, and I must have done something and messed up all my notes, my 800 custom notes :'(.  The good news was that I did not complete this update until after my weekend sessions I did have plenty of time to correct and write some notes.  I also had a bunch backed up but not them all and there was going to be a lot of work to do.  So I put my head down over the week and got done a bunch of them.  I also managed to get in a few Skype calls for some reviews and hand analysis which always helps.  Also crying about it was not going to get them done so all I could do was work.  I did manage to get most of them back up before the weekend.  I also found some time to look over the first few thousand hands at 100plo and looked to see what the better regulars are doing and how I can incorporate some of that into my game.  So after having my notes crap out, running well below expectations I managed to break out on Sunday and really run well and put in a good amount of hands.  After getting my notes up I managed to put in ~6500 hands between Saturday and Tuesday and finally ran like the sun towards the end.  I am really happy about this mainly because I want to put in the majority of my volume at 100plo this month so that I can start to really clear some bonus dollars and I want to get in as many hands as possible this year at mid stakes and the sooner that I can get through 100plo the closer I am to the higher stakes.  Obviously a profitable poker player is most happy about his winrate, but I am pretty happy with the trimming that I have made from my ranges.  I think that so far this month I have done a good job of getting out of some of those trashy good looking hands that I play.  The biggest contribution to this is probably the fact that I continue to trim tables as I move up.  I also just keep working on my game and hands that looked like ones way will look a lot different now.

Another thing that has probably helped the focus a bit this week is adding in some zoom to my game.  At the smaller stakes I was very vocal about staying away from zoom.  The majority of the games at regular tables are good and you can often find great seats.  At 100plo I can really start to see a shift from this and the games at the zoom tables are starting to look more appealing.  For instance, as I write this blog, there are 18 tables of zoom compare to 6 of regular tables.  The average pot size at zoom is $24, which is as high as five out of the six tables.  At 50plo there are 17 zoom tables compared to 11 regular tables.  The average pot is $13 compared and 4 of the 11 regular tables have higher average pot size.  As you can tell there are a lot more tables running at the smaller stakes outside of zoom, where at 100plo often there are the same four players at a table fighting over a single weaker players money.


Anyhow 700 words of poker is enough for me, and its my life so you are probably starting to hear the blah, blah, blahs.  So I will leave you with some gems from this week.

This was probably my favorite, was pretty sure that no one had the straight, and I blocked a lot of the sets and had some nut outs.  Couldn’t get the turn fold and got priced into a call.




Next Favorite was getting it in preflop, with AA vs AA vs KKds, runit twice, AND SCOOP IT.


Which one of the three below do you think I am?




Outside of poker I have been pressing away at painting some miniatures.  I actually have joined an escalation league at my local games-workshop store.  You start with a kill team which is 200p points and typically one or two units.  You paint and bring to play and as the weeks go on your army grows.  This seems like the perfect thing for me since I am just getting back into warhammer 40k.  I was not going to post any pictures until I got some models completed, but I think that I am going to post some of the near finished models that I have and show some before and after pics with the basing.  It is really an underrated component of the model and the images should drive home the fact that a 15-20 min on each models base can really go a long way.  I am very happy with the way my latest models have turned out and I am probably get near 100 minis on the year painted.  I still think that my goal is going to be to paint he GW two player box to sell and use that to pay for my hobby.  At the moment I am in for ~$300 in WR40k and I actually could field about ~1000 point army with that.  With the escalation league coming up though I think that I am going to finish my blood angels formation and buy some of the new models to paint.  The newest models are the harlequins and they have a joker/jester type of feel to them and I think that I could really have some fun painting them.  My zombicide models are behind on shipping due to the west harbour labour disputes or whatever but that is fine.  I do however check my emails twice a day waiting for the shipping info, but not holding my breath at this point.

Anyhow going to wrap it up, will get a quick update before Thursday with a handful of pictures from my killteam.

Can’t forget get the Giraffes, I typically do not include the Orange line (expected value) since there is so much noise and variance in PLO, but I was definitely on the worse side of it for a week (-15bis over a few thousand hands).  Don’t worry we closed that gap pretty quick.

mid feb 2015



So the first month of the year is behind us and I am about two weeks behind on my blogs, and I am pretty far behind where I would be happy with volume wise.  I was pretty sick the last two weeks of January and got in very little playing.  If you look at the cash graph there was barely any additional hands played since my previous blog.  In the end profit wise I am pretty happy with the way the month has gone.  I managed to put about $3300 in the green, and am pretty close to where I want to be for February and 100plo.  I did have the TCOOP the first Sunday of February but could not even muster a min cash :(.  I am pretty disappointed with that because I was going to you anything that I won in that game for a shot at 100plo.  I do think that I did pretty well at 50plo over January and am ready to start and push my bankroll at 100plo.  I won about 5.5bb/100 (9.5 EV bb/100) and also scored up about $1200 in rake back. I did want to have 30k VPPs cleared before the start of January but with the little amount of volume that I got in I was not even close.  I am going to start the month off at 50plo to get back into the grove, but then want to start and take shots over the weekend at 100plo.

I have been working more MTTs into my schedule and this has helped a lot.  I also started to add some NLO8 games in place of some of the NLHE games and those have gone pretty good.  I think that over February I am going to focus on playing the PLO and NLO8 tournaments, and maybe add a few NLHE games on the weekend.  The majority of my cashes in NLO8 have come at games <$10 BI but I think that is a bit of variance and learning.  I would say that I am decent at O8 and with a bit of work will feel more confident in the $27 and $82 MTTs.   Over all MTTs I had a net winnings of about $1790 and an ROI of 180%.  This ROI is high and not sustainable, but I am pretty sure that I should be able to probably get something >100% with how poorly the PLO MTT field has been so far.


Here are the graphs, you will notice that the down swing in cash was pretty well balanced by the profits in MTTS.


jan Cash


jan MTTs

With games I also did not do much the last two weeks.  I finally broke and got myself some Warhammer 40k models.  I decided to get myself some of the new blood angel models.  Also I have picked up the Deathstorm two army battle box.  I think that I am going to paint this set and try to sell it on ebay afterwards.  I am not sure how much I will be able to mark it up, but I am hopefully that I should be able to make a few hundred that I can use to finance my hobby a bit further.  The worse case scenario I have some good looking models for the display case.  The painting has been slow going the last week of January, but I am ready to push on in February.  As I get some of the units painted I will be posting the pics here.  I am going to keep the paint schemes as close as possible to the box and book.  Also once I have the set completed I might end up heading to my local games-workshop and playing out the campaign (three missions).  If I managed to do this I will put together some reports and pictures.


February Goals;

-Play majority of my hands at 100plo

-Get in more then two blog posts a week for the rest of the month


Well I got taught a hard lesson in perspective last week.  The pervious poker post was titled “A Difficult Week”, and at the time it seemed appropriate.  Then the present has passed and I have another week behind me.  Last week at the cash tables I put in about 7800 hands (~5500 since last Tuesday post), and over those hands I was -28bb/100.  If I fold every hand I would be ~-25bb/100 so performed a little worse then a drinking bird clicking  fold last week.  It was my typical cycle where I play, run bad, then play bad and get into dominated situations, which make me feel like I am running bad, so I play worse, get into worse situations, feel like the deck is punishing me, and around we go for a week.  I did hit a stop loss on Friday, which was a bit disappointing, but it did force me to take a break, and really evaluate my play over the week.

To be fair to myself I did play much better over Saturday and Sunday after thinking about the leaks that where starting to show threw but I just could really not run well, at the cash tables.  Poker can really mess around with you at times.  No doubt at this point you have probably looked a little ahead to my graph and noticed that I dropped about 25bis over my last 5k hands.  However I did manage to pick my run well spots this weekend.

Saturday I managed to win a seat into the TCOOP main event seat.  Your lesson in BBV this week:

Brag; won a $700 seat, Beat; Game is next Sunday at 3:30 so I will likely miss the Super Bowl, Variance; the win brought me back to even for the week.

I really was not keen on counting this as profits though since I was planning on putting it all into the main.  Since it was already spent I basically was still in the hole for the week,  but had a nice $2m freeroll to look forward to the first of February.  But the weekend was not over.  The cash tables where still a bit of a punishment on Sunday.  I again played pretty well, made a few bets on the river that I would like back but pretty happy with my play overall.  Maybe not my best play, but definitely much better play Saturday and Sunday then Thursday and Friday.  However there is always some good tournaments on the go over the weekends and I managed to make a good run again.  I won the $27 six max progressive super knockout (or some other 50 syllable noun that PokerStars can come up with).  I have never played this game, and I am not sure if it is part of the regular schedule but I really hope that it makes it.  This was my third finally table appearance in PLO MTTs (and I also have a FT bubble to my name) over 45 games.  This was also maybe the second or third time that I played a tournament of this type, but I really enjoyed it.  The big ko values at the final table help to add a dynamic which I think that I will play well.  Also there is going to be a lot of money left to play for HU, so you can make some special deals HU or very short handed and still have some decent money to play for.  As this game went I managed to get four of the final six bounties at the six handed final table.  I also managed to collect on all the large bounties, and when we went four handed I took out the two other players with +$200 bounties (so I keep +$100 and another $100 goes on my head).  I am of the school of thinking that to win any tournament you need to run well, and I do think that I was in a great spot in the later hands but I am sure that I played very well.  Here are the final knock out hands that I had against my opponents, as you will notice I was doing pretty well with my pf equity and post flop equity.  The most marginal hand was my AQ86$ds however the player on the button was playing super wide and I think it was worth going after his bounty since it was larger then the pay jump at the time.













We did make a deal HU.  I felt like a deal was a good idea, the payouts where ~$720 for first, $500 for second.  the winner was also going to take $400 in bouties, so that made the HU match a $620 sit and go.  While I figured I had an edge, smoothing out the variance is always nice and I managed to get a deal for $675 leaving us with the ~400 bounty to play for (which I won).

plo win

So this was a huge week saver.  I was pretty frustrated with poker and it was nice to get another PLO MTT score.  I did forget to play the $82 PLO TCOOP game which I think was a huge miss, but these things happen.  In the end, I dug deep and managed to pull out some of that lovely green for the week.  So excluding the TCOOP main ticket, I managed about -$500 at the cash game tables, but +$1200 in MTTs, add in another few hundred in rake back and I can live with those results.


YTD Graph in bbs

PLO YTD 01-27-2015


Game wise it was a pretty slow week.  I do have a few models that I would like to get painted before the weekend.  I want to have finished my Rivet Wars models, and the last of my Arcadia Quest models.  I also did not get in any games this week.  It has been about -25c every day this week with the wind chill so I have been inside a little too much.  With how little I played this week I wish I got in more other things done.  I did spend a bunch of time mauling over the idea of getting some Warhammer 40k models, but in the end it always feels like such a financial commitment, and the models might never get played with.  I figured that a 2k points army would cost about $800+, and thanks to GW I actually would be dumb to buy the models that I would like because they would just get punished in the game :(.   I think that tonight I am going to spend some time catching up on some painting and modeling, and get back to poker tomorrow.  I really would like to get the volume up a bit, far behind my volume goal for the month, but definitely near the gross net profits that I would like to start and play 100plo.  It will be interesting to see how I do in TCOOP next week, anything over a min cash could go a long away in my shots at 100plo.



This week was a lot more difficult then the start of the year.  I have been fighting a bit of the flu over the week and it really hurt the volume and grind.  Add to the fact that I was running pretty bad threw the week at poker and it was not helping.  I was actually starting to wonder if my stop losses where not set correctly because I swear that I was loosing a ton.  I did have two cheats this week with looking at my results.  First was when I was running so bad and loosing what seemed like every 3b/4b pot.  I sat out and took a look to see if I had surpassed the stop loss of eight buy ins.  I was at -7.5 so it was a bitter sweet victory.  Victory since I have still have not hit a stop loss since I stopped watching my results and focused on my poker.  Bitter because it was still a -7.5bis and its hard to get in a position to move up next month when you lose that much in an hour.

The second cheat view was after my first session on Sunday.  I ran like the sun and quickly won every pot over 200bbs.  I had to cheat and look at where I was since the last time I looked things looked pretty miserable.  I won about 13bis in that session, and managed to claw back a lot of the run bad from early in the week.  I never like using the EV line on HM2 to establish how good or bad I am running, but the whole week was pretty bad and it was nice to just flop good for a change and scoop some pots.

This week I did add too many tables at times, mainly because I was not getting in the hours so I was trying to make up for it by adding tables to increase my gross amount of hands.  However next week I am going to get back to my better habits, keep the tables under eight no matter how good they all look, and focus and try to increase my win rate per hand, and boost my hourly that way.  At the start of the month I did have hopes of clearing 30,00 VPPs so that I could cash in some FPPs for a bonus and use that money for 100plo, but if I can maintain a win rate of 10bb/100 pre rack back at 50plo for the month I should have plenty of wiggle room for 100plo in February.

Long story short, I am pretty happy that I ended up in the green this week, considering that I was fighting this flu and not playing great poker in general (really letting my run bad effect my play).  Next week I am really going to focus on getting back to what worked well, less tables, shave some of my preflop range down, and make better river decisions (probably would give myself a 3/10 on my river play last week).

Also to add a little salt to the wounds, Monday night I played the big $27.  I did not realize that I had a ticket in my cashier for over a year now.  I managed to come 24th for ~$125 when I lost a 40+bb pot with QQ<KQs.  If I won that race I probably would have been in the top five in chips and my table was actually pretty nice.  However was just not meant to be.  I am really trying to keep my head up today about it.  Going in  was looking at it like a free roll, but it is never nice to be twenty players away from $5,000 and have to settle taking a beat and walking away with ~$100.


YTD Jan 19.2015


On another note, I am getting pretty excited for the next few weeks.  Any day I will be finding out when I can expect my Zombicide season three shipment.  There is also a hot new Conan game on Kickstarter.

This seems like its going to be a steal.  The figures look great, the smallest harp that I could have is that it would be nice for additional poses on some of the five plus quantity models, however there is sheer value in this game from a modeling, painting stand point.   There is also wave two of Rivet Wars hitting shelves this week, and some Arcadia Quest minis next week.  I made a promise to myself that I am not buying either until I get my current models up and painted and pictures here.

Also I am going to doing a tabletop twitch channel.  I am still trying to get some games organised for this but if you would be interested in hanging out and playing a few feel free to contact me.


Flop Qh, get it in vs AA, be a ~80% favorite


why I love PLO


So 2015 is well underway.  I was not sure when I should have done my first update.  Thought about after the first weekend, but that seemed too soon, after seven days, but then it was close to the weekend.  So I just put in the work over the weekend, and took today to work on some posts, and other items.

The start of the year has been pretty solid.  I have set up my tilt breaker so that I could focus on how I am playing and think more about how well I am playing based on my feel and emotions as oppose to my results.  I am pretty happy with the way this has gone.  I did also remove all the $ result information from my reports so that I can keep up my HM2 and just watch my time played and hands.  For the start of the year I was doing pretty good with not looking a the cashier and I was also cruising threw sessions.  However after last Friday I had a slight relapse and looked at the earning report since I was getting ready to think about my blog update.  I was up about $2100 to start the year so I figure that I would move up and take a shot.  I then lost $750 of my profits over four hands, running into quads half the time, OUCH.  I am not really upset about it, a shot is a shot, and if I would have done well in the session I would have been able to move up to 100plo before Sunday but as is I am going to fall back to the original game plan and just grind out the month at 50plo and not worry about if I am playing over rolled and not moving up quick enough.  After the failed shot I played pretty poorly over Sunday, but broke even with my rakeback, Monday and Tuesday I played much better after looking at some of the things I did poorly Sunday and getting back to the key items I have to work on (pre flop hand selection from early position, and folding to 3b/4b OOP).

Also my hand count is a little low for the star of the year.  I did take some time to paint the miniatures for my new board games, and I also had issues with my HM2 which really limited my hands the first Sunday of the year.  I was playing only about four tables, but I added some tournaments and actually shipped another PLO MTT for some ~$400 (which was not included in the graph).

In the end here are the little graphs for the month so far.  I am going to do my best not to look at results until my next post on Tuesday.

BBs Won YTD Jan 14


USD Won YTD Jan 14


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So its a new year, in the end I managed to get my supernova status on Pokerstars.  It cost me a bit dearly in dollars but I really wanted the extra time to myself over the holidays, i went home for nearly a week, also had some people over so I needed to get in over a hundred hours of play over three to four weeks.  Three times I went past my stop loss which cost me somewhere around $1500, and a bunch of other times I was adding more tables over my typical eight which probably also hurt the bottom line.

Anyhow I was actually playing pretty good at small stakes and i think that January should go pretty good.  I want to get a good start to the year and I am probably going on vacation in February.  I am thinking somewhere warm like Mexico.  Also I have a ton of zombie miniatures coming in February which I will want to paint and play with..

I have not really thought about any goals, the biggest focus this year is to just improve and move up the stakes.  I would love to be at 500z for 2016, but the biggest goal is to just get in hands, review, and move up.  Do think that I should be able to move up to 100plo at any moment once I work off a few last leaks, but I think that limiting my tables and getting back to some stop losses will help the bottom line a lot.

I would say that my biggest goal this year is to focus, and be more productive in general.  Last year I sold my PS3, and I am going to focus on extra time on my gaming obsession.  I do still have a few games on my steam account to power through so it’s not like i am going cold turkey, but I would really like to spend more time spreading some board game and miniature passion.

So in the new year I am going to try and get a twitch channel up and do nightly board games, either with friends at home, through skype, or other players on twitch.  There are plenty of games that this will work for, other that it won’t.  Either way I think that it will be fun, and it’s something that I already spend a lot of time doing.  I have also spent a few nights streaming games with my friend to see how well it works, and it was pretty good

Also I have been pretty terrible at keeping the blog updated.  All to often I write up draft after draft that never gets published.  I think that often its because playing poker, your mood can change so much depending on the way that grind is going.  So while a blog has a certain tone today, it is difficult to review or pick it back up the next day.  So in the future I am really going to focus on less walls of text and more quick to the point updates and blogs.

2014 PLO graph, Yellow line is after the bonus form pokerstars (yes rake is that high why else would I call the blog life after rake)

the big dip down towards the end was when I was just pushing thru the hands to get done for the year and give myself some days to spare.

Lost a lot of my data for before June 30th so do not have the tournament results, but made a pretty penny there also.



2014 plo


My laptop was out of commision for the longest time so I was not getting up my month end post and then it was time for SCOOPs so really wanted to get in as much playing as I could.  The first day of Sunday of the month was pretty amazing, made a day two of the first SCOOP event that I played and actually cashed all three for the day.  Since the SCOOP has been the high variance storm of emotions that I expect it to be but the rest of my schedule has been going great.  For the longest time last month it felt like i was just going to continue to grind away breaking even and barely getting ahead of the bills since moving.  Well I have finally got on the good side of variance early in a month end it feels pretty great.

MTT  40day graph


I am also very happy with the new schedule that I have put together for grinding.  I am getting an average BI on Ipoker of ~$25 compared to half that on Pokerstars.  Why am I so happy with this number?  The games are much softer on other networks, the fields are smaller and these add up to less variance and more reliable winnings.  The next goal is to get myself to actual play 400 games in a month but I think that is going to be a while away since this month I have my dad visiting for a week, and June I am going to Vegas.  There will be a chance in August but that seems like forever away at the moment.  Also I got behind pace early in this month mainly because of a lot of deep runs in games.  If I can put in the 400 games in August at half the winrate of my first 400 I will be pretty happy with the direction I am heading.

Also I have actually not been out to watch a hockey playoff game this month yet.  I have been really focused on poker and SCOOPs.  I did try to go watch game 7 but it was too late after my session to get a spot at the bar to watch the game.  Put a few dollars on the Habs to win and then took a shot at PLO with the winnings.  For a change my shot taking went something like this.

Does he make the shot

What started off as a way to spin up a few dollars to go see a game turned into a Vegas trip and new appliances for the new apartment (and quickly,  one hour about).  It’s been a long time since I decided to sit down and try to spin up a stack at PLO with a shot like this.  As you can see took me the first few hundred hands to get a double, but once I got it there was no looking back.  Also the timing was so perfect because of the extra expenses piling up for June (moving, appliances, Vegas)  But something about making 2.5k in an hour can cheer up anyone.  Also this was something like calling 6 of 7 flips correct so that is pretty nice (and at a stake much higher than normal).

yup that happn


So I am off of poker for the rest of the week, I should have some time in front of my computer and think that I would like to get some of the epic flips that I won at 500PLO into some HH and GIFs for people to enjoy.  Time will tell though, constantly drawn to the tables when I get in front of the computer.

So the month comes to an end, and I am pretty short on my goal of 100k hands.  I figured that I would be shot once I was sick and made the decision about going back to PLO.  I just get in too few hands during an hour of PLO but in the end pretty happy with my results at PLO.  I did get in about 20k hands this week playing PLO so I think that I can get in some good volume if I put in the time next month.

February Graph

Also I have to give a pretty big sexy glowing endorsement to Tilt breaker.  I downloaded a trial and ran some reports.  One of the things that I noticed was that when I was playing sessions two hours or longer I was never playing great poker afterwards.  So I make a pretty big effort over the last week to just play 90 minute sessions or 1k hands.   I will let you be the judge I had one losing session this week.  The terrible session on February 22 was because I got two rows backwards in my HUD, so was just making terrible plays for an hour (yeah I play full time and make silly mistakes, you can too)

February PLO sessions

Anyhow after how this week has gone I don’t think that I am ever going back to sessions over two hours any time soon.  I think that once I get in 100k hands of PLO I will actually do a topic piece on Tilt breaker and the benefits and analysis that you can do with it.

I am not setting any goals for March.  To be honest I want to have a great start to the month because I would like to buy Titan fall for the PC.  But I than know that I will want a serious desktop and all the sudden the money is being spent.  Maybe I will set a goal of grinding enough to get a computer for March and if I make x I get the goods.  Wow I lasted like a whole sentence before I started to set goals.

Whatever I am just a big kid playing a game for a living.  Pretty hard not to dream about video games, big screen tvs.

I actually think that if I make $500 this weekend I am just going to go ahead and get myself an Xbox one.  Can’t be the worse idea that I have had (not even worse idea I have had this month).

BTW sorry no gifs in the post, have some great hand histories to do some gifs with that will be coming after the weekend.