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So it has been nearly forever since I posted my last update.  Since my last post life has been a constant roller coaster.  Like the old school ones, where you go up really high just to fall as equal far but much quicker then the ride up.  Followed by a bunch more ups and downs, a few sharp turns and a grinding halt.  I think that the graph sums up pretty well how things have gone since February.  I have moved down and try to get some confidence back but all that keeps happening is that I lose money in absurd spots.  While there is not a ton of green on the blog I have still managed to come out ahead by nearly 10k after rake back, bonus and MTT scores.

YTD cash July 2015

Year over year has not been much better, every month it feels like I lose more and more to the run outs in all in pots and its really getting to a boiling point for me.   As you can see below my green line (money won) and orange line (allin EV corrected) are trying to plot on different graphs.  June and first week of July was pretty nice, I actually moved back down to 25plo to get back some confidence and actually scored the top spot on poker table ratings for the month.

Since July 2014

However things quickly took a turn for the worse in Vegas.  For the first time in five trips I came home a loser.  In fact Lesley and I could not cash in any games.  I actually could not cash in a plo MTT where I had nearly 8% of the chips in play at the end of late registration.  I managed to stone cold bubble the game which paid ~4k to first (I finished 13th).  Cash games where not any kinder, and I was actually just looking forward to getting home and grinding some more online.  However that all went sour pretty quickly.  To be fair I was probably still a bit annoyed about the trip and being down so much and I quickly was getting tilted over nothing.  Add on a bunch of bad beats and yada-yada and next thing you know I have lost about 70bis, and about 40 below.  I actually would have lost less money this month if I decided to fold every hand instead and donate my blinds.  The only good news is that after those first few bad sessions I decided to move down to the micros and try to 10plo and get back into good habits and tilt less however I just managed to lose about every all in pot which has not helped my attitude this week.

BB July 2015


So what’s a guy to do?  Well going forward I think that I am going to draw down my bankroll and start at the micros and just spin up my bankroll.  Also I am really going to put in a bunch of focus away from poker and enjoy as much of the summer as I can.  My coach actually went from 2plo to 100plo in a matter of three weeks, so I do not see why I can not take $300 and a few months and slowly work my way back up to SSPLO.  I think the plan is going to be:

$300 grind to ~$500 take shots at 10plo

$400 to $800 grind 10plo, take 10bi shot at 25plo once I get to ~$800

$1000 to $2500 At 25plo I am going to grind until I have 100bi, I will take a 10bi shot then.

$2000+ 50plo

I am unsure if I am going to play zoom or regular tables for the challenge.  I am thinking that it might be zoom for 5plo and 10plo and then regular tables after that.  Also really not putting any time restraint or volume goals.  I have way too much fun stuff to do over the next six to eight weeks to be worried about getting in 1k more hands.  I will be trying to get in as much as I can but this week is the Just for laughs festival, end of the month is Pokerstars party and rib fest in Toronto, and mid august is music festival in Montreal.  Add in some video games, board games, painting and other random stuff there is little sense in letting some bad poker sessions ruin my attitude all summer.


Going to do a separate post for all other non poker updates since this is just such a downer