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How has the February shots gone you might ask?




More then two weeks into February and things are going pretty well.  February has been filled with typical trials away from poker, along with some at the tables.  For a change I did not run terrible while moving up a stake.  It took ~2500 hands before the cooler hit.  To be fair I was on quite the heater prior to running bad, and it was at least some comfort that I was ahead of where I started the month when I decided to move up.  None the less poker is pretty hard when you can not win a turned over hand and then to make matters worse, my computer started to cry when the new Note Caddy update came out.  As a result I decided to revert to the older stable version, and I must have done something and messed up all my notes, my 800 custom notes :'(.  The good news was that I did not complete this update until after my weekend sessions I did have plenty of time to correct and write some notes.  I also had a bunch backed up but not them all and there was going to be a lot of work to do.  So I put my head down over the week and got done a bunch of them.  I also managed to get in a few Skype calls for some reviews and hand analysis which always helps.  Also crying about it was not going to get them done so all I could do was work.  I did manage to get most of them back up before the weekend.  I also found some time to look over the first few thousand hands at 100plo and looked to see what the better regulars are doing and how I can incorporate some of that into my game.  So after having my notes crap out, running well below expectations I managed to break out on Sunday and really run well and put in a good amount of hands.  After getting my notes up I managed to put in ~6500 hands between Saturday and Tuesday and finally ran like the sun towards the end.  I am really happy about this mainly because I want to put in the majority of my volume at 100plo this month so that I can start to really clear some bonus dollars and I want to get in as many hands as possible this year at mid stakes and the sooner that I can get through 100plo the closer I am to the higher stakes.  Obviously a profitable poker player is most happy about his winrate, but I am pretty happy with the trimming that I have made from my ranges.  I think that so far this month I have done a good job of getting out of some of those trashy good looking hands that I play.  The biggest contribution to this is probably the fact that I continue to trim tables as I move up.  I also just keep working on my game and hands that looked like ones way will look a lot different now.

Another thing that has probably helped the focus a bit this week is adding in some zoom to my game.  At the smaller stakes I was very vocal about staying away from zoom.  The majority of the games at regular tables are good and you can often find great seats.  At 100plo I can really start to see a shift from this and the games at the zoom tables are starting to look more appealing.  For instance, as I write this blog, there are 18 tables of zoom compare to 6 of regular tables.  The average pot size at zoom is $24, which is as high as five out of the six tables.  At 50plo there are 17 zoom tables compared to 11 regular tables.  The average pot is $13 compared and 4 of the 11 regular tables have higher average pot size.  As you can tell there are a lot more tables running at the smaller stakes outside of zoom, where at 100plo often there are the same four players at a table fighting over a single weaker players money.


Anyhow 700 words of poker is enough for me, and its my life so you are probably starting to hear the blah, blah, blahs.  So I will leave you with some gems from this week.

This was probably my favorite, was pretty sure that no one had the straight, and I blocked a lot of the sets and had some nut outs.  Couldn’t get the turn fold and got priced into a call.




Next Favorite was getting it in preflop, with AA vs AA vs KKds, runit twice, AND SCOOP IT.


Which one of the three below do you think I am?




Outside of poker I have been pressing away at painting some miniatures.  I actually have joined an escalation league at my local games-workshop store.  You start with a kill team which is 200p points and typically one or two units.  You paint and bring to play and as the weeks go on your army grows.  This seems like the perfect thing for me since I am just getting back into warhammer 40k.  I was not going to post any pictures until I got some models completed, but I think that I am going to post some of the near finished models that I have and show some before and after pics with the basing.  It is really an underrated component of the model and the images should drive home the fact that a 15-20 min on each models base can really go a long way.  I am very happy with the way my latest models have turned out and I am probably get near 100 minis on the year painted.  I still think that my goal is going to be to paint he GW two player box to sell and use that to pay for my hobby.  At the moment I am in for ~$300 in WR40k and I actually could field about ~1000 point army with that.  With the escalation league coming up though I think that I am going to finish my blood angels formation and buy some of the new models to paint.  The newest models are the harlequins and they have a joker/jester type of feel to them and I think that I could really have some fun painting them.  My zombicide models are behind on shipping due to the west harbour labour disputes or whatever but that is fine.  I do however check my emails twice a day waiting for the shipping info, but not holding my breath at this point.

Anyhow going to wrap it up, will get a quick update before Thursday with a handful of pictures from my killteam.

Can’t forget get the Giraffes, I typically do not include the Orange line (expected value) since there is so much noise and variance in PLO, but I was definitely on the worse side of it for a week (-15bis over a few thousand hands).  Don’t worry we closed that gap pretty quick.

mid feb 2015



Flop Qh, get it in vs AA, be a ~80% favorite


why I love PLO


IPoker, $235 Buy-in (250/500 blinds, 50 ante) No Limit Hold’em Tournament, 9 Players
Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager – The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

CO: 22,152 (44.3 bb)
BTN: 18,848 (37.7 bb)
Hero (SB): 11,024 (22 bb)
BB: 24,812 (49.6 bb)
UTG+1: 4,039 (8.1 bb)
UTG+2: 18,514 (37 bb)
MP1: 4,585 (9.2 bb)
MP2: 7,335 (14.7 bb)
MP3: 24,862 (49.7 bb)

Preflop: Hero is SB with Ah Ac


5 folds, CO raises to 1,100, BTN folds, Hero raises to 2,500, BB folds, CO calls 1,400

Flop: (5,950) Jc 6h Qh (2 players)
Hero bets 2,500, CO raises to 13,450,

Hero calls 5,974 and is all-in

Turn: (22,898) Qs (2 players, 1 is all-in)
River: (22,898) 7h (2 players, 1 is all-in)

Results: 22,898 pot
Final Board: Jc 6h Qh Qs 7h
CO showed 9d Qd and won 22,898 (11,874 net)
Hero mucked Ah Ac and lost (-11,024 net)


Yes the irony of me using a gif from a show called workaholics, while I play a game for a living was not lost on me either.


You ever see an episode of the price is wrong where it seems like the contestant has no clue what they are doing. Yeah that was about 90% of my month summed up.

Yeah so that was about how PLO went this month. I started off on a terror, but things quickly went bad once I moved up. For the most part I ran pretty terrible, and also I think that I was over estimating how aggressive players would be and the stack off ranges that they would have in situations (looking over my results there is about zero semi bluffing that goes on at 25PLO). As a result I was calling too many raises in too many spots, and just feeling like I was running into the top of peoples ranges when in fact they were not as wide as I would have perceived.

PLO start of April

So I was up about 1k over the first week, and with a new game coming out and a need for a new computer I decided to go ahead and buy a computer. Little did I know that I was going to go ahead and lose enough money to buy a second computer over the next week but that’s life; full of surprises. I really tried to push through my downswing at PLO but I was really frustrated and just could not get my head straight.

So in true fashion we reach the eleventh hour of the month and I am short on the month again. So I hit up the bread and butter games and load up some MTTs over the weekend. The tournaments went pretty good, but it sticking with the story I managed to come ninth in the big $11 on Saturday. I scored about $750 for the effort but first was 15k so I bit disappointed, also at the final table three players where all in ahead of me and none eliminated so that left a little sour taste in my mouth.

Sunday was a new day and had some bigger games on the go. I was in a mega satellite for the Irish open ($5k prize) which I had really high hopes for. The play is terrible on Ipoker and wit thirty players going to Ireland I was actually pretty sure that I would have a good chance of getting a prize. Anyhow recently doubled up and then this hand comes up.

Needless to say that was pretty disappointing, especially with the way that I have been running in any game with some nice prize on the line. I am just your typically MTT player feeling like he is due at this point. With tournaments on the go there is nothing to do but put your head down, suck it up and make sure to close out the rest of the games the best you can. Anyhow to add insult to injury I managed to finish 18th in daily double A, 11th in daily double B, 13th in a 4k on stars, and 13th in $5r on ipoker. BLAH BLAH BLAH. But it was not all doom and gloom. I did manage to finish third in the iPoker $10r for $2200. It was with a little mixed feeling that I finished third. I was chip leader with 13 left, then lost a bunch of my chips near the final table bubble and was about 7 of 9 left. Three handed I was easily the best player but left with the shortest stack, then bad turn card peels in one hand and that is all she wrote. In the end I did manage to scrap out (and I lose the term loosely) 3k over the weekend and a little weight has been lifted over the run bad all month.

As I mentioned I got myself a new computer, the thing is amazing I upgraded pretty good and actually got myself something that I will be able to play some games. It was really close between getting a console or a new computer but the extra money for the computer made the most sense. Also a lot of the xbox one console exclusives make their way to the PC so I think that in the future I might still get a PS4 (I big kid can dream big).

Titanfall is the first FPS game that I have played in ages, and needless to say I spent the majority of the first week standing on a spot and spinning like a human pylon for the more experienced players. As the week went on I did get a better at the game and I actually managed to get to the end of my first level 50 character.

On another proud not I managed to read two novels this month. I have really been a little too involved with poker and got away from reading, writing, thinking, doing anything else in general. I decided that I would read the Divergent books. The story was nothing amazing (miles better than anything that I could write) but was a little refreshing just to get involved into a story again.

Now it’s April. To be honest, I have no clue what direction I am going to take this month. I am really thinking about getting in a big tournament grind this month. Tournaments just come so naturally to me and after a bit of the slow start that I have had this year I would like to just get back to the things that work. I have also had some really success on ipoker playing tournaments.  I have played about 200 games which is less than what I would put into a week or two on that site if I was playing tournaments fulltime.  Well you saw the PLO graph so I will let this one speak for itself.


ipoker graph

I know that I keep saying it but I really want to get more posts on the blog. I feel like ever week that I have ideas, stories, hands that I want to share, get a little lazy or decide to put in a few more hours of poker and next thing I more another week has passed since I posted on the blog. The nice thing about playing tournaments is the wind down time at the end of a session when you have two of eight tables left. So I think that each day I am going to focus on using that wind down time productively to post and write.



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Wow I cannot believe that it’s been so long since I posted a blog.  I have written some quick blogs here and there over the last month but I have been sick, tired or busy and never got them completed or posted.

Anyhow for all you out there I am staying alive.  If you follow me on twitter or face you probably are under the impression that I am on the biggest down swing ever but I am really just frustrated with how the last two months have gone.  A lot of break even poker with tournaments, and a lot of missed opportunities.  These things are going to happen when you add tournaments into the grind but I have two tournaments this month where I finished third being by far the best player in the game, and a final table bubble in the Sunday major on iPoker.  The iPoker game was the Sunday that just passed; I came 11th for ~1500 and first was ~45000.

Graph is going to follow, the down swing at the start was me trying to grind threw a super cold.  I was sick from about December 27th to January 9th.  Since I had high goals for volumes, profits, life etc.  I did not want to get behind the ball so I got grinding and instead I got myself into a whole.  These things happen.  Anyhow the tournaments have been going better (near as expected without the wins) thought I would get in more volume but it’s been a challenge adding other networks and games.




FTP has come to my rescue and released Adrenaline Rush (ADR).  It’s a 10bb cap game with no call buts.  I LOVE IT.  I mean who wants to call in a cap game anyhow.  There was snap up roar about this game when it was released;

“is it beatable after rake?”

“10bb is solved”

“Stupid gamble blah blah blah”

Anyhow in the end I am sure that there will be an edge to be had.  There is a special promotion on at the moment for knock outs so I know that there are more players in the pool, but I am really hoping that this game takes off enough so that I can run it with my tournament schedule and grind something simple with some good rakeback.

While I mention the games being beatable I managed to go on an epic down swing to start the games.  But like I say “You can’t keep a good man down” and I have managed to grind my way out of that nasty 50+bi down swing.  All that down swing proves is how exceptional I am and out of the normal 95%. I thought for sure that I was going to drop below that worst line until Tuesday.  Things are looking up, happy with the game, and ready to put in some sick volume next week.



Red is the guy who runs the worse, reminds you of anyone


Tomorrow I think that I am going to try and play 10k hands and see where I am on the knock out leader board.  Playing at half pace I am inside the top twenty so I think that I can make a charge for a top five spot.

Going to keep this short, and will get a post in before the next thirty days, probably more like five.