Phil Hellmuth’s Player Council

I actually thought that this was going to be a joke when I saw the tweet.  I am still not sure if the interviewer was trolling and having a laugh at Phil Hellmuth’s expense but I think that this is a terrible message that is being sent here.

By having WSOP events in other continents we are building our game and expanding into untapped markets.  It irritates me so much that PH thinks that bracelet A or B should be excluded or “don’t count”.  The greatest thing about poker and what attracted many after the Moneymaker boom was the idea of being able to put up your money and playing with the best.  Head to head, hand for hand and in the end you could be the winner, but it doesn’t count and carries an asterisk with it (yeah I made up the last part because it’s absurd).

Imagine a revised screen from Rounders, Johnny Chan sitting across from Mike McDermott.  Mike 4bs Johnny, Johnny looks at Mike makes a move for his chips, pauses, checks his cards, looks up and mucks.

Johhny Chan says to Mike “Did you have it?” and just as Mike opens his mouth Johnny says “Doesn’t matter, this hand doesn’t count, it wasn’t played in Vegas, it’s at a stake much lower than I like to play and the skill level of the players at this table is atrocious”.

Kinsh is laughing his ass off while Mike tells the story so pissed off from being robbed of his moment of glory, adding “Well now I know why you steamed all your money off at KGB’s place, you realized that none of these pros will ever have any respect for your game unless you win a NLHE WSOP event with a ridiculously large field”.

I understand that these guys with bets on bracelets might not be happy about the field sizes, or the effects that these games have on player of the year standing but this is something a whole lot different than saying that some bracelets should count and others not.

We have WSOP events and WSOP circuit events.  If we don’t want to have bracelets for these events then call them circuit events and move along.  Some people still won’t quite understand that the prestige that a ring carries and the prestige that a bracelet carries but most will.


Doug Lee winner of the 10k circuit event championship in Las Vegas didn’t get the memo that pro’s aren’t impressed by rings.

I am not sure why PH and others think that it’s there business to run WSOP brand.  First off I am not a huge fan of WSOP and really care little for them.  I am however a fan of the game and understand that WSOP events around the world, that count for player of the year points will have a lot of benefits for everyone’s bottom line.

1)      More pros will show up to play (for bracelets and points)

2)      More amateurs will show up to in hopes of beating their favorite pros

3)      Amateurs love the idea of winning the bracelet and striking it rich

To take away this from amateurs or to look down on their accomplishments is just terrible for the games.  There is always rake and entry fees and at some point players need to understand that we do need to cater a little to the average Joe or reg fish player in order to keep steady money coming into the games.  I could see moving away from bracelets if the entries for these tournaments are shrinking but otherwise let’s try and get some more big events around the world and grow the game.  The biggest cash games are no longer found in Vegas, and the top grossing on line players are definitely outside the USA so not sure why we would not want to grow the WSOP brand and expand the brand worldwide.

Also in the video I think that PH shows his arrogance right out of the gate “There is two bracelets that no one can argue with Daniels in the main event in Australia and mine for the main event here.”  I don’t want to take anything away from either of these accomplishments but he says it like they count because these two great tournament players won.

Sadly enough PH has his head up his ass and never sees the long picture or else we poker players would not be discussing the whole UB scandal this many years later.

I doubt that WSOP will even care what these guys have to say at the end of the day but I really think that they are pissing where they eat here and ruining the game by saving that some people’s accomplishments are meaning less or meaningless.

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