September is in the books

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

So the end of the month has passed and Spin’n’gos still seem to be going strong.  I actually caught a bunch of bad variance towards the end of the month and lost nearly 40 buy ins over two days.  My chips won over those games was not terrible so it was just a bunch of bad draws for prize pools and not wining any of the good draws that I got.  Over the last weekend I had no spins >6x and I don’t think that I even had a great win rate in the 6x spins that I did play.  All that being said I did manage to bank a few buck and put up a decent win rate over the few weeks that I did play.  My goal for October is to get in more games, and hopefully move up.  I have applied to get staked and I am hoping that this will help me improve my game and be aggressive moving up (since I do not need to have my own bankroll).  After getting in those first 1k games the spins seem like the are going to be profitable and actually a lot easier to grind then PLO.


Spins September

Away from poker I have been really plugging away on painting models and working on my games.  I have started an Instagram account @arukidinme where I have been posting a lot of my pictures.  I think that I am going to make a better effort this month to cross post my pictures over to my blog once a week.  Since Tuesday has been a consistent day off of poker I think I am going to make that my day to update this blog with model pictures and perhaps get in the poker update also.  I have painted up nearly all the base Zombicide Rue Morgue models and also some of my favorite survivors.  A lot of time and care went into some of the characters since they are such fun models.  Also have been working on my scenery stuff and should have that completed this month.


Now that it is October I can actually feel how close I am to getting my Ghostbusters game and can not wait.   Also there are still a handful of games that I would like to get before Christmas.  I actually think that I am going to have to put up some of my painted models to try and get a few dollars and make space for new games/models.  There are a few items sitting around collecting dust and I think it might be time to part ways with them.


Also its the first week of new TV shows, I have been very impressed with Limitless so far.  The characters are all pretty amazing and entertaining so far, a good mix of action, rumor and mystery.  Minority report has been pretty good too but it is missing something, and has just not blown me away.  The special effect are amazing and I am wondering if after watching ten episodes that is all I am going to have to say about the series.


Trying to get away from writing walls of text when I blog so will leave it there.  I might dwell on this Minority report thing tonight and write up an actually wins and loses list from the series premieres and season premieres so far.

Have fun not matter what you do and check in later.