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Well I got taught a hard lesson in perspective last week.  The pervious poker post was titled “A Difficult Week”, and at the time it seemed appropriate.  Then the present has passed and I have another week behind me.  Last week at the cash tables I put in about 7800 hands (~5500 since last Tuesday post), and over those hands I was -28bb/100.  If I fold every hand I would be ~-25bb/100 so performed a little worse then a drinking bird clicking  fold last week.  It was my typical cycle where I play, run bad, then play bad and get into dominated situations, which make me feel like I am running bad, so I play worse, get into worse situations, feel like the deck is punishing me, and around we go for a week.  I did hit a stop loss on Friday, which was a bit disappointing, but it did force me to take a break, and really evaluate my play over the week.

To be fair to myself I did play much better over Saturday and Sunday after thinking about the leaks that where starting to show threw but I just could really not run well, at the cash tables.  Poker can really mess around with you at times.  No doubt at this point you have probably looked a little ahead to my graph and noticed that I dropped about 25bis over my last 5k hands.  However I did manage to pick my run well spots this weekend.

Saturday I managed to win a seat into the TCOOP main event seat.  Your lesson in BBV this week:

Brag; won a $700 seat, Beat; Game is next Sunday at 3:30 so I will likely miss the Super Bowl, Variance; the win brought me back to even for the week.

I really was not keen on counting this as profits though since I was planning on putting it all into the main.  Since it was already spent I basically was still in the hole for the week,  but had a nice $2m freeroll to look forward to the first of February.  But the weekend was not over.  The cash tables where still a bit of a punishment on Sunday.  I again played pretty well, made a few bets on the river that I would like back but pretty happy with my play overall.  Maybe not my best play, but definitely much better play Saturday and Sunday then Thursday and Friday.  However there is always some good tournaments on the go over the weekends and I managed to make a good run again.  I won the $27 six max progressive super knockout (or some other 50 syllable noun that PokerStars can come up with).  I have never played this game, and I am not sure if it is part of the regular schedule but I really hope that it makes it.  This was my third finally table appearance in PLO MTTs (and I also have a FT bubble to my name) over 45 games.  This was also maybe the second or third time that I played a tournament of this type, but I really enjoyed it.  The big ko values at the final table help to add a dynamic which I think that I will play well.  Also there is going to be a lot of money left to play for HU, so you can make some special deals HU or very short handed and still have some decent money to play for.  As this game went I managed to get four of the final six bounties at the six handed final table.  I also managed to collect on all the large bounties, and when we went four handed I took out the two other players with +$200 bounties (so I keep +$100 and another $100 goes on my head).  I am of the school of thinking that to win any tournament you need to run well, and I do think that I was in a great spot in the later hands but I am sure that I played very well.  Here are the final knock out hands that I had against my opponents, as you will notice I was doing pretty well with my pf equity and post flop equity.  The most marginal hand was my AQ86$ds however the player on the button was playing super wide and I think it was worth going after his bounty since it was larger then the pay jump at the time.













We did make a deal HU.  I felt like a deal was a good idea, the payouts where ~$720 for first, $500 for second.  the winner was also going to take $400 in bouties, so that made the HU match a $620 sit and go.  While I figured I had an edge, smoothing out the variance is always nice and I managed to get a deal for $675 leaving us with the ~400 bounty to play for (which I won).

plo win

So this was a huge week saver.  I was pretty frustrated with poker and it was nice to get another PLO MTT score.  I did forget to play the $82 PLO TCOOP game which I think was a huge miss, but these things happen.  In the end, I dug deep and managed to pull out some of that lovely green for the week.  So excluding the TCOOP main ticket, I managed about -$500 at the cash game tables, but +$1200 in MTTs, add in another few hundred in rake back and I can live with those results.


YTD Graph in bbs

PLO YTD 01-27-2015


Game wise it was a pretty slow week.  I do have a few models that I would like to get painted before the weekend.  I want to have finished my Rivet Wars models, and the last of my Arcadia Quest models.  I also did not get in any games this week.  It has been about -25c every day this week with the wind chill so I have been inside a little too much.  With how little I played this week I wish I got in more other things done.  I did spend a bunch of time mauling over the idea of getting some Warhammer 40k models, but in the end it always feels like such a financial commitment, and the models might never get played with.  I figured that a 2k points army would cost about $800+, and thanks to GW I actually would be dumb to buy the models that I would like because they would just get punished in the game :(.   I think that tonight I am going to spend some time catching up on some painting and modeling, and get back to poker tomorrow.  I really would like to get the volume up a bit, far behind my volume goal for the month, but definitely near the gross net profits that I would like to start and play 100plo.  It will be interesting to see how I do in TCOOP next week, anything over a min cash could go a long away in my shots at 100plo.



Arcadia quest was probably the second biggest reason I got back into miniature painting, models and table top games.  When I came across Zombicide earlier in 2014 I noticed this game created by Cool mini or not (CMON).  The art work on the cards, tiles and details of the models is amazing.  Also this game is right up my alley of interests.  Growing up I have always liked dungeon exploring games (more so video games then table top).  I also watched some of the game demos and it always looks like people are having a ton of fun playing the game.  After getting my hands on my copy this game has been a pretty big winner.  I have actually managed to get in nearly a whole campaign with Lesley and she is never much for games.  Also painting and finishing the models has been a lot of fun.  My only complaint is that I was not able to get the game off Kickstarter so there are a bunch of models that I do not have, and will probably never get because of the prices that people try to charge.  To be honest I have never been much of a fan of the way CMON has done this with their games on Kickstarter.  I feel like people who are late to the party miss out big time.  Also it probably hurts the middle guys at the games store.  I don’t think the games stores are ever making much from board games and I am sure they don’t want to pick up a title that has already done two million in presales.  Any how I digress again…

This game is great.  I really need to get a two or three friends over for a whole campaign (which I think could be played over three to four hours).  What is great is that you do not need to play a whole campaign at once, and you are left with nice notepads to keep track of your progress in a campaign.  The game is well thought out, seems very balanced, and  10/10 on entertainment.  I won the first quest that Lesley and I played, she drafted loot well and punished me in quest two, Third quest was close, and I really put the hurt on her in the last quest.  We do have the final quest to play yet and will probably give a proper recap at a later date.

I will be adding the pictures of some models, and I actually used the troll model for a quick step by step tutorial on how you can get some great looking models without a lot of time.


This week was a lot more difficult then the start of the year.  I have been fighting a bit of the flu over the week and it really hurt the volume and grind.  Add to the fact that I was running pretty bad threw the week at poker and it was not helping.  I was actually starting to wonder if my stop losses where not set correctly because I swear that I was loosing a ton.  I did have two cheats this week with looking at my results.  First was when I was running so bad and loosing what seemed like every 3b/4b pot.  I sat out and took a look to see if I had surpassed the stop loss of eight buy ins.  I was at -7.5 so it was a bitter sweet victory.  Victory since I have still have not hit a stop loss since I stopped watching my results and focused on my poker.  Bitter because it was still a -7.5bis and its hard to get in a position to move up next month when you lose that much in an hour.

The second cheat view was after my first session on Sunday.  I ran like the sun and quickly won every pot over 200bbs.  I had to cheat and look at where I was since the last time I looked things looked pretty miserable.  I won about 13bis in that session, and managed to claw back a lot of the run bad from early in the week.  I never like using the EV line on HM2 to establish how good or bad I am running, but the whole week was pretty bad and it was nice to just flop good for a change and scoop some pots.

This week I did add too many tables at times, mainly because I was not getting in the hours so I was trying to make up for it by adding tables to increase my gross amount of hands.  However next week I am going to get back to my better habits, keep the tables under eight no matter how good they all look, and focus and try to increase my win rate per hand, and boost my hourly that way.  At the start of the month I did have hopes of clearing 30,00 VPPs so that I could cash in some FPPs for a bonus and use that money for 100plo, but if I can maintain a win rate of 10bb/100 pre rack back at 50plo for the month I should have plenty of wiggle room for 100plo in February.

Long story short, I am pretty happy that I ended up in the green this week, considering that I was fighting this flu and not playing great poker in general (really letting my run bad effect my play).  Next week I am really going to focus on getting back to what worked well, less tables, shave some of my preflop range down, and make better river decisions (probably would give myself a 3/10 on my river play last week).

Also to add a little salt to the wounds, Monday night I played the big $27.  I did not realize that I had a ticket in my cashier for over a year now.  I managed to come 24th for ~$125 when I lost a 40+bb pot with QQ<KQs.  If I won that race I probably would have been in the top five in chips and my table was actually pretty nice.  However was just not meant to be.  I am really trying to keep my head up today about it.  Going in  was looking at it like a free roll, but it is never nice to be twenty players away from $5,000 and have to settle taking a beat and walking away with ~$100.


YTD Jan 19.2015


On another note, I am getting pretty excited for the next few weeks.  Any day I will be finding out when I can expect my Zombicide season three shipment.  There is also a hot new Conan game on Kickstarter.

This seems like its going to be a steal.  The figures look great, the smallest harp that I could have is that it would be nice for additional poses on some of the five plus quantity models, however there is sheer value in this game from a modeling, painting stand point.   There is also wave two of Rivet Wars hitting shelves this week, and some Arcadia Quest minis next week.  I made a promise to myself that I am not buying either until I get my current models up and painted and pictures here.

Also I am going to doing a tabletop twitch channel.  I am still trying to get some games organised for this but if you would be interested in hanging out and playing a few feel free to contact me.


Still alive, who knew…

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So its been nearly two months since my last post.  A lot of life got in the way of sitting in front of my monitors so its been hard to write out a few hundred words for a blog update.  Towards the end of my last post I was getting ready to move to a new place in Montreal.  We have been here for a little more than a month now and I am really liking the new place.  The neighborhood is a lot quieter than my old street (was right in front of the main bridge leaving Montreal so tons of traffic).

We had a lot of help moving and the move went great.  Also as an added bonus we got to play my new favorite game Zombicide.  This game is amazing.  It pretty well consumed all my extra time during June.  It probably got in the way of other items that I could have been doing but I just love me some games.  This is the game below.

I actually love painting miniatures and the thing that drew me most to this game was the nearly 100 miniatures (and fine miniatures at that) for the price.  Also the game is a co-op type of game and since you are taking on the game (the zombies) you can actually play it solo which is a lot of fun.  Many nights have been had mono a mono me and a six pack against Zombicide.  I will get some pictures up of the models that I have painted.  I actually have loved the game so much that I bought the expansion and I was luck enough to find the next season on kickstarter last week.  I pledged a few hundred to get a lot of the kickstarter exclusives which are a good deal.

In July we typically head to Vegas, however this year Lesley thought that the passports need to be cleaned with the laundry and as a result they were ruined and we had to cancel our trip.  This was a bit of a pain mainly because I usually make some half decent money in Vegas of the the few weeks there, and since I was now in Toronto, and without my computer, mouse HH, etc.. I was not going to be able to put in much poker (work).  So the last week of June and first two weeks of July had very little poker.  So what is typically a workation for a week, ended up being a full out vacation for three weeks.  Needless to say that once I got back to Montreal it was time to put my nose down and grind.  I decided that I was going to grind out my bankroll on Stars and see if I could get my supernova bonus over the next two months.  I have always had a love for PLO and I really want to make it my full time game over MTTs.  Its pretty nice being able to take breaks whenever you want as oppose to five minutes to the hour.  So with the small bankroll I had on Stars I decided to start at 10PLO and work on being able to play more than twelve tables.  I also wanted to identify some of my leaks and I was hopefully going to get in 100k hands over the three weeks that I had left in the month.

After my first week at 10PLO I was doing pretty good, but noticed that playing 14-16 tables I was missing too many spots and was probably not maximizing my win rate.  So I had to move down to twelve tables at 25PLO and that meant that I ended up falling short of my goal.  However I am pretty happy with the way that the month has gone.  I did a poker journal at RIO since that is my favorite training site and forum so if you want more details they are there.

Otherwise I will leave you with the good looking graph.

June 66k hands of PLO

Going into the new month I am about where I wanted to be and have the funds to put in a serious session this weekend at 50PLO.  I really want to put in 100k hands this month.  It they all end up at 50PLO I should be close to reaching supernova (80% of the way).  If I can continue with my current win rate I can probably get in some weekend grinds at 100PLO and get to the bonus before the end of summer, otherwise it will be early September.

I really want to get better at updating the blog, now that we are moved I really should have more time to get on this thing.  The goal this month will be to have at least a post a week.  I do need to create a new page for Zombicide and I actually might create a campaign with a narrative since the game has such theatrical sense to it.


My laptop was out of commision for the longest time so I was not getting up my month end post and then it was time for SCOOPs so really wanted to get in as much playing as I could.  The first day of Sunday of the month was pretty amazing, made a day two of the first SCOOP event that I played and actually cashed all three for the day.  Since the SCOOP has been the high variance storm of emotions that I expect it to be but the rest of my schedule has been going great.  For the longest time last month it felt like i was just going to continue to grind away breaking even and barely getting ahead of the bills since moving.  Well I have finally got on the good side of variance early in a month end it feels pretty great.

MTT  40day graph


I am also very happy with the new schedule that I have put together for grinding.  I am getting an average BI on Ipoker of ~$25 compared to half that on Pokerstars.  Why am I so happy with this number?  The games are much softer on other networks, the fields are smaller and these add up to less variance and more reliable winnings.  The next goal is to get myself to actual play 400 games in a month but I think that is going to be a while away since this month I have my dad visiting for a week, and June I am going to Vegas.  There will be a chance in August but that seems like forever away at the moment.  Also I got behind pace early in this month mainly because of a lot of deep runs in games.  If I can put in the 400 games in August at half the winrate of my first 400 I will be pretty happy with the direction I am heading.

Also I have actually not been out to watch a hockey playoff game this month yet.  I have been really focused on poker and SCOOPs.  I did try to go watch game 7 but it was too late after my session to get a spot at the bar to watch the game.  Put a few dollars on the Habs to win and then took a shot at PLO with the winnings.  For a change my shot taking went something like this.

Does he make the shot

What started off as a way to spin up a few dollars to go see a game turned into a Vegas trip and new appliances for the new apartment (and quickly,  one hour about).  It’s been a long time since I decided to sit down and try to spin up a stack at PLO with a shot like this.  As you can see took me the first few hundred hands to get a double, but once I got it there was no looking back.  Also the timing was so perfect because of the extra expenses piling up for June (moving, appliances, Vegas)  But something about making 2.5k in an hour can cheer up anyone.  Also this was something like calling 6 of 7 flips correct so that is pretty nice (and at a stake much higher than normal).

yup that happn


So I am off of poker for the rest of the week, I should have some time in front of my computer and think that I would like to get some of the epic flips that I won at 500PLO into some HH and GIFs for people to enjoy.  Time will tell though, constantly drawn to the tables when I get in front of the computer.

I wanted to get this blog up earlier but have been a bit lazy with writing.  I mean I did break the charger on my laptop when I sat down to write so I guess I have a little of an excuse but probably could have got to this sooner.

Poker was what it was and has been.  Another month of frustration, not winning key races and probably the first time that I focus on tournaments for a month and not book a win in a single game (excluding all those two or three table satellites).  To kind of hit home the point for those of you that do not play poker the first graph is my winnings per hand played (in terms of BB) and  second my actual results for the April.  You will also notice that I managed to come through in the eleventh hour again and close out the month with some profit.  That being said I did take a pretty bad beat at a final table were first was 7k and had to settle for 1.8k.


BBs per hand April



It’s pretty funny looking at the difference in trends between the two graphs.

Really not going to complain much, probably have said it before but I play a game for a living and sooner or later I will win that big hand to get me that victory.

As the month went on I realized that I needed something other than Titanfall to take my mind off of poker.  Titanfall is just too intense of a game to be used as something to relax and enjoy.  It’s great and I love it but after playing for an hour I think that I have dropped more F bombs than I do all week.  So I have taken back up wargaming and painting miniatures.  There is something so soothing about just sitting around and quite and calmly painting a few models.  Painting models is something that i do at such a different pace than about anything else.

The last week I have went out and got myself a handful of Warmachine models and an airbrush kit to do the majority of my painting.  I have never used an airbrush but the results so far have been pretty decent.  I think that as i get going I will add an addition page and tab to the blog for the people would like to follow.  Warmachine seems like a pretty cool game, the main premise is that you are a war mage in a fantasy world and control large steam power war machines.  The models are great looking, rules seem easy to grasp and unlike warhammer 40k my other drug/game of choice it does not take thousands of dollars to play.  So far I have bought the following for a Khador army:

Two player Battle box $110 (warcaster, two warjacks, unit)

Behemoth $60

Spriggan $35

I still would like to get a unit of widowmakers which will set me back about another $50-60 dollars but after this I will have enough to play anywhere from 25-50 point battles (which seem to be the common army list sizes).  To get started in a WH40k game you are probably looking at about 1,000$ to get started at a smaller army size and will have to grow from there.  The other thing that is awesome about Warmachine it that changing your war mage changes the whole feel and playability or your army, giving you multiple ways to play a faction (were in WH40K you need to change up the majority of your army setting you back a bunch of money again).

So it’s May fourth and I now have some pretty fun goals for the month.

First its SCOOP on Poker Star which means a bunch of grinding.  In order to prepare for the grind I have actual taken the week off of work and just studied some hands, situations that have been eating away at my sleep the past few weeks.  I am pretty relaxed and ready to flat out grind this scoop and really hope that I can have a good series and with a little luck final table a game or do even better than that.  The majority of play will likely still be on ipoker but really looking for that lightning in the bottle and make a huge score.  Most of my sessions over the next two weeks will probably be ten to ten except on the days that the other variants are on (stud, draw, etc…).  In the shorter days I got all my little men to get painted.  I am hoping to have them completed painted by the time scoop is done so that I can start to spend a night or two through the week diving into my guilty pleasure.

But Chris you called it May the fourth be with you, yup tomorrow I have all six Star wars movies lined up to dive through.  Also the clone wars are on netflix now so I will probably have those on in the background while I play.  Tomorrow I will start with the movies and with episode one (since i figure that two will be through the bulk of my grind and I will not really miss anything.  I can then watch episode four, five and six while my sessions are dying down and I typically only have a few better games on Stars going.


You ever see an episode of the price is wrong where it seems like the contestant has no clue what they are doing. Yeah that was about 90% of my month summed up.

Yeah so that was about how PLO went this month. I started off on a terror, but things quickly went bad once I moved up. For the most part I ran pretty terrible, and also I think that I was over estimating how aggressive players would be and the stack off ranges that they would have in situations (looking over my results there is about zero semi bluffing that goes on at 25PLO). As a result I was calling too many raises in too many spots, and just feeling like I was running into the top of peoples ranges when in fact they were not as wide as I would have perceived.

PLO start of April

So I was up about 1k over the first week, and with a new game coming out and a need for a new computer I decided to go ahead and buy a computer. Little did I know that I was going to go ahead and lose enough money to buy a second computer over the next week but that’s life; full of surprises. I really tried to push through my downswing at PLO but I was really frustrated and just could not get my head straight.

So in true fashion we reach the eleventh hour of the month and I am short on the month again. So I hit up the bread and butter games and load up some MTTs over the weekend. The tournaments went pretty good, but it sticking with the story I managed to come ninth in the big $11 on Saturday. I scored about $750 for the effort but first was 15k so I bit disappointed, also at the final table three players where all in ahead of me and none eliminated so that left a little sour taste in my mouth.

Sunday was a new day and had some bigger games on the go. I was in a mega satellite for the Irish open ($5k prize) which I had really high hopes for. The play is terrible on Ipoker and wit thirty players going to Ireland I was actually pretty sure that I would have a good chance of getting a prize. Anyhow recently doubled up and then this hand comes up.

Needless to say that was pretty disappointing, especially with the way that I have been running in any game with some nice prize on the line. I am just your typically MTT player feeling like he is due at this point. With tournaments on the go there is nothing to do but put your head down, suck it up and make sure to close out the rest of the games the best you can. Anyhow to add insult to injury I managed to finish 18th in daily double A, 11th in daily double B, 13th in a 4k on stars, and 13th in $5r on ipoker. BLAH BLAH BLAH. But it was not all doom and gloom. I did manage to finish third in the iPoker $10r for $2200. It was with a little mixed feeling that I finished third. I was chip leader with 13 left, then lost a bunch of my chips near the final table bubble and was about 7 of 9 left. Three handed I was easily the best player but left with the shortest stack, then bad turn card peels in one hand and that is all she wrote. In the end I did manage to scrap out (and I lose the term loosely) 3k over the weekend and a little weight has been lifted over the run bad all month.

As I mentioned I got myself a new computer, the thing is amazing I upgraded pretty good and actually got myself something that I will be able to play some games. It was really close between getting a console or a new computer but the extra money for the computer made the most sense. Also a lot of the xbox one console exclusives make their way to the PC so I think that in the future I might still get a PS4 (I big kid can dream big).

Titanfall is the first FPS game that I have played in ages, and needless to say I spent the majority of the first week standing on a spot and spinning like a human pylon for the more experienced players. As the week went on I did get a better at the game and I actually managed to get to the end of my first level 50 character.

On another proud not I managed to read two novels this month. I have really been a little too involved with poker and got away from reading, writing, thinking, doing anything else in general. I decided that I would read the Divergent books. The story was nothing amazing (miles better than anything that I could write) but was a little refreshing just to get involved into a story again.

Now it’s April. To be honest, I have no clue what direction I am going to take this month. I am really thinking about getting in a big tournament grind this month. Tournaments just come so naturally to me and after a bit of the slow start that I have had this year I would like to just get back to the things that work. I have also had some really success on ipoker playing tournaments.  I have played about 200 games which is less than what I would put into a week or two on that site if I was playing tournaments fulltime.  Well you saw the PLO graph so I will let this one speak for itself.


ipoker graph

I know that I keep saying it but I really want to get more posts on the blog. I feel like ever week that I have ideas, stories, hands that I want to share, get a little lazy or decide to put in a few more hours of poker and next thing I more another week has passed since I posted on the blog. The nice thing about playing tournaments is the wind down time at the end of a session when you have two of eight tables left. So I think that each day I am going to focus on using that wind down time productively to post and write.