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Here are the painted monsters for Arcadia Quest.  I used the quick painting technique that I gave for the troll for all these models.  I will be getting the painted characters up this week.    I do need to touch up some of the bases on these models.  I have not decided how I am actually going to base the models since the board tiles are so nice (I may get clear bases to put the models on).


Arcadia Quest (AQ) Goblins Arcadia Quest (AQ) Orks Arcadia Quest (AQ) Monsters Arcadia Quest (AQ) Minotaur Arcadia Quest (AQ) Spear Beastman Arcadia Quest Hammer Beastman Arcadia Quest Troll


Last week I was with some friends and we had been talking about painting models.  I was giving some advice on how you can actually paint a model quickly and make it look great with a few techniques and a bit of patience. I prime my models black to begin with, the prime coat does not have to be heavy and just needs to barely cover the mode, even if some of the plastic is showing threw that will be fine.

The first step to quickly painting some models is base coats.  I highly recommend watering down your paints while painting with acrylics.  A drop of water with a few parts of paint will really help to smooth out the paint and avoid those brush strokes, and globs of paints.  You may need to go over some spots twice, however the paint spreads better and probably takes about as much time as a heavy first coat.  On my model you will see some of the base coat still coming threw, I am not too worried about this because there will be a highlighting stage yet and as I mentioned this is the technique I use to speed threw models.

Troll Base Coat


After getting down the base coat I go ahead to the ink wash.  Nunl Oil from Games workshop is great for models that you want to give a gritty look to (like this troll for instance, I also used this was on my orks and goblins).  You can be generous with the wash and you want to cover most of the model and let it seep into the lines that are providing definition (like the arms, fingers, teeth, etc..).  However after the ink you will want to give the model some time to dry.  If you are doing a group of five or ten models you can probably get  started on the next step on the first model after you finish the ink on the last model.  I usually take a clean paper towel and dab the model to make sure that no ink is wet if I have not given the model a lot of time to dry.

Troll Ink Wash


Next will bring up the colors with a drybrush (for details on dryburshing there are a ton of great videos on youtube for free).  The paint color that I use is typically brighter then the base coat, but sometimes the base coat color will give it enough of a highlight.  In this instance, I brought up the red on the skin, brown on the leather, and wood.  I also used some brighter white on the teeth, and the bones in the bag (never did any side shots, but will probably add some at a later date if people want).  You may notice that the straps are a bit brighter then leather over the body.  This was done by simply completing a second quick coat afterwards.  I also added some yellow for the base of the eyes, and drybrush grey on the hair.

Troll Dry Brush


Last step is just some finishing details.  For this model, I did another drybrush of pink on the warts , silver on the nails of the bat and on the hair, and a dark white  on some of the pieces that I want to bring up to a brighter color (arm straps, some of leather bits, pink warts, etc..).  I also drybrushed the nails with the same white and got out the really fine details brush for the eyes.




If I had the time, I perhaps could have done a bit better detailing (and I probably would not have missed the tongue :p ).  Also I did not do the base of the model yet, but I would say that other then waiting on the ink to dry this model took < 2 hours, maybe even close to an hour, but I was watching football at the time.

Managed to get the majority of the models painted (have a squad of stormtroopers and a E-web gunner left).  I have some little details that I would like to clean up on the rebel heroes but they are definitely ready for playing.


Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) VADER AND ROYAL GUARD

Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) STORMTROOPERS & OFFICERS


Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) DROID

Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) E-WEB GUNNER

Star Wars Imperial Assault SWIA NEXU AND HUNTERS

Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) REBEL HEROES

Flop Qh, get it in vs AA, be a ~80% favorite


why I love PLO


IPoker, $235 Buy-in (250/500 blinds, 50 ante) No Limit Hold’em Tournament, 9 Players
Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager – The Ultimate Poker Software Suite.

CO: 22,152 (44.3 bb)
BTN: 18,848 (37.7 bb)
Hero (SB): 11,024 (22 bb)
BB: 24,812 (49.6 bb)
UTG+1: 4,039 (8.1 bb)
UTG+2: 18,514 (37 bb)
MP1: 4,585 (9.2 bb)
MP2: 7,335 (14.7 bb)
MP3: 24,862 (49.7 bb)

Preflop: Hero is SB with Ah Ac


5 folds, CO raises to 1,100, BTN folds, Hero raises to 2,500, BB folds, CO calls 1,400

Flop: (5,950) Jc 6h Qh (2 players)
Hero bets 2,500, CO raises to 13,450,

Hero calls 5,974 and is all-in

Turn: (22,898) Qs (2 players, 1 is all-in)
River: (22,898) 7h (2 players, 1 is all-in)

Results: 22,898 pot
Final Board: Jc 6h Qh Qs 7h
CO showed 9d Qd and won 22,898 (11,874 net)
Hero mucked Ah Ac and lost (-11,024 net)


Yes the irony of me using a gif from a show called workaholics, while I play a game for a living was not lost on me either.


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Wow I cannot believe that it’s been so long since I posted a blog.  I have written some quick blogs here and there over the last month but I have been sick, tired or busy and never got them completed or posted.

Anyhow for all you out there I am staying alive.  If you follow me on twitter or face you probably are under the impression that I am on the biggest down swing ever but I am really just frustrated with how the last two months have gone.  A lot of break even poker with tournaments, and a lot of missed opportunities.  These things are going to happen when you add tournaments into the grind but I have two tournaments this month where I finished third being by far the best player in the game, and a final table bubble in the Sunday major on iPoker.  The iPoker game was the Sunday that just passed; I came 11th for ~1500 and first was ~45000.

Graph is going to follow, the down swing at the start was me trying to grind threw a super cold.  I was sick from about December 27th to January 9th.  Since I had high goals for volumes, profits, life etc.  I did not want to get behind the ball so I got grinding and instead I got myself into a whole.  These things happen.  Anyhow the tournaments have been going better (near as expected without the wins) thought I would get in more volume but it’s been a challenge adding other networks and games.




FTP has come to my rescue and released Adrenaline Rush (ADR).  It’s a 10bb cap game with no call buts.  I LOVE IT.  I mean who wants to call in a cap game anyhow.  There was snap up roar about this game when it was released;

“is it beatable after rake?”

“10bb is solved”

“Stupid gamble blah blah blah”

Anyhow in the end I am sure that there will be an edge to be had.  There is a special promotion on at the moment for knock outs so I know that there are more players in the pool, but I am really hoping that this game takes off enough so that I can run it with my tournament schedule and grind something simple with some good rakeback.

While I mention the games being beatable I managed to go on an epic down swing to start the games.  But like I say “You can’t keep a good man down” and I have managed to grind my way out of that nasty 50+bi down swing.  All that down swing proves is how exceptional I am and out of the normal 95%. I thought for sure that I was going to drop below that worst line until Tuesday.  Things are looking up, happy with the game, and ready to put in some sick volume next week.



Red is the guy who runs the worse, reminds you of anyone


Tomorrow I think that I am going to try and play 10k hands and see where I am on the knock out leader board.  Playing at half pace I am inside the top twenty so I think that I can make a charge for a top five spot.

Going to keep this short, and will get a post in before the next thirty days, probably more like five.

The end of Movember

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Month to date

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Not much happening since the start of the month, also dropped an easy $600 last week playing live.  Poker is easy.


Movember Picture

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yes its that cold that you wear a scarf every where in Montreal

yes its that cold that you wear a scarf every where in Montreal.


Ice cream cones make me smile.