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Managed to get the majority of the models painted (have a squad of stormtroopers and a E-web gunner left).  I have some little details that I would like to clean up on the rebel heroes but they are definitely ready for playing.


Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) VADER AND ROYAL GUARD

Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) STORMTROOPERS & OFFICERS


Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) DROID

Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) E-WEB GUNNER

Star Wars Imperial Assault SWIA NEXU AND HUNTERS

Star Wars Imperial Assault (SWIA) REBEL HEROES

Fantasy Flight (FF) has been putting out a bunch of Star Wars games for some time now.  After moving to Montreal I got away from board games, and miniatures for a while.  However I am now back and at it with a passion.  The latest addition from FF is Star Wars Imperial Assault.  This was probably one of the most anticipated games of the year, and it just made it in for the year.  To be honest I was sure that it was not going  to make it to the shelves for Christmas and the last thing you want is for your wife to show up at a nerdy board game store and not be able to get exactly what you ask for so it was not on my list :(.  But no worries, I got out on boxing day and picked myself up a copy and made painting the models a priority for January.

Out of the box the game looks great.  The models are made pretty well, and the art work on the game tiles is beautiful.  After painting up my models this week it really helps to add the cinematography that goes with the story telling of a campaign.  Now I just need to get in a campaign.  I am planning on playing a few mission with my buddy Steve over Skype, and I plan on recording the game and getting it on a YouTube channel and my blog.  I have gotten in a few missions with Lesley, however there is definitely some learning pains with the rules and set ups.  It is a bit difficult getting the first game up and going if you and your friends have never played before, but after the first mission or two it all comes pretty easy and the game actually moves pretty quickly.

I am going to hold off my judgement on the game until I get in a campaign or two, however if you enjoy painting miniatures like I do then the investment of ~$80 is worth the 34 minis (including a AT-ST which seems to scale with the rest of the minis).  Since I am trying to make this year more about post, sharing and spreading my joy for the games I am going to make sure that I get my painting completed more and to a schedule.  As a result I did not spend as much time with each individual model as I would like, but I am happy with the results and spent the better half of two days completing all the minis.  I think this is the part I love most about the game.  There are enough minis, and with enough variety that you have something to get, spend a day or two painting with out feeling overwhelmed, and afterwards have something super nerdy and fun to share with your friends.  Serious, who doesn’t want to role play through a campaign as a Wookie, or the quick to draw smuggler.  Perhaps you are fond of the Jedi, or want to put some distance between you and your foes as a commander, veteran soldier, or sniper.  Maybe your like me and want to wound all the rebel scum that you can.

I will be adding pictures to the page as I can along with some campaign stories and future thoughts of the game.  It definitely seems like a game that I can get a lot of playing time out of, and would be a great game to just soak up a day playing.  I also am not 100% of the replay ability of the game yet, but I think that there are enough missions, to keep it fresh, and so long as you are not playing a lot of campaigns as a rebel player the game should feel fresh.  I also have high hopes that players will come forward with ideas for extra missions, or create their own campaigns.