Spinning it up, one game at a time

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Blog, Poker (nuff said), Uncategorized

So it has been a while since I updated the blog.  A lot has happened, cliffs notes;


  1. Changed from PLO to Spin and Gos on Pokerstars
  2. Got some backing and am now involved in coaching with a stable
  3. Got account locked from Stars to investigate why I crush so hard
  4. Moved from Montreal
  5. Still allowing boardgames to monopolize my time (yeah, you love that joke)
  6. Back in Scarborough

So since my last post I have really been focusing on my NLHE game and actually just getting back to having a bit more fun in my spare time.  I joined a stable for Spin & Gos in October and it was been pretty well sunshine and rainbows since.  Sure it’s poker and there is variance but nothing like that mean ugly PLO game.

Once I joined the stable I got away from the blog a bit, and was thinking about just putting the thing to rest but I have been pretty excited about poker over the last few months and wanted to get back to blogging, trying to get my volume up and just try to spread my infectious love for games.  Since I was really focusing on my games over last few months I have been trying to get the instagram account going and doing my focus there.  It is an easy way for me to share my work and thoughts with people.

So how have Spins been going?


all dates


As you can see been consistently make chips in games.  While there is variance in multipliers and sometimes I move up and loss or win chips at different buy ins I think that this graph shows how much better the variance is in Spins compared to PLO.  Really the only hiccup in the graph was when I decided to start and play $30 spins towards the end of 2015.  However I am playing much better, and very happy with the rate that my game is improving.  It was a little sad funny not haha funny but Stars actually locked up my account in January to investigate why I was playing so good and wanted to know the relationship between me and my coach and backer.  It took a few days to explain to them that I am getting consistent coaching  from these guys and that is why my game has been improving, also I did play over half a million hands of poker over the last two years so would think that I have improved some over that time.  After nearly a week they were “satisfied” with my answers and unlocked my account so that I could resume play.  But were they?  Because after another 3-4 weeks I get a message about not being able to cash out or move funds since they want to talk to me and investigate my game further.  This goes on for about a week and more emails and answers to many questions they finally decide that perhaps I am actually good at poker and am allowed to keep my money.  It makes for a bit of a funny story now, but at the time it was pretty frustrating and stressful.

This account investigation was all happening right around the time that we moved from our place in Montreal back to Scarborough.  I think that is why it was leading to more frustration and worrying because I was in the middle of a move and all of the sudden I could not take my cash out for a few weeks.  Montreal was a lot of fun but it was time to move on from there.  I had a pretty good opportunity to get out of my lease since a friend of mine was coming back to Montreal for a short period of time and was looking for a place.  So we assigned our lease to him and away we went back to Toronto.  Since this was all short notice and we did not really have an idea on were we wanted to go next we just took a small truck load of stuff that we needed and move to Lesley’s parents basement for now.  They had some work that they wanted my help with (new floors, painting, etc..) so we could get the basement into a place that we could live in for a few months while we decided if we are staying in Toronto, Ontario, Canada or abroad.  


The major thing that Lesley and I have discussed since been back is actually trying to get some time and money invested into some smaller ventures.  She is very into jewelry making at the moment, and I would still like to get a twitch channel up and going for poker and games in general.  So we are making that our focus while we have some time at her parents place.  We are thinking that we might look into getting a place in Ontario but away from Toronto since we can get a lot more space and we may even look at setting up a studio in our new place.  We still have a lot of work to do on our ideas and small ventures so time will tell where we end up.  For me this means getting my twitch channel up and productive.  Also I have a lot of work to do with the stable and I am always trying to get new students/players into the stable.  I think that twitch should help get in blood into the team.  Also will be a fun way to have some hangouts and chat about board games, video games, and miniature games.

Going to do my best to do updates a few times each month but think that I am going to keep anything more frequent on instagram and twitter since its better for that I feel.


Will keep you all posted, have a good one.


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