First week of Spins in the books

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Thought that I would give a quick recap of the first week of Spin and Goes.  Started off super hot and then variance caught up to me, been on a 200 game breakeven stretch but really can not going to complain.  Pretty happy with my results so far.  Been very few difficult decisions and have maybe something around 25-50 spots that I want to look over when I have time this week or next, but do not have any glaring leaks that I feel are costing me too much money at the moment.  I do still want to work out a better strategy for 11bb play HU and MW then I have been incorporating but have a bunch of work on the go so not a ton of extra time to provide to poker.  One thing that I can not work on but I hope turns around is my performance in the bigger multiplier games.  At the $7 level I am under my 40% win rate when the multiplier is 10x or greater.  Keep in mind that this is a small sample size and a few wins over the next few games will go a long way to improving that winrate.

Below is the graph, put the chip graph over the dollars (chips are in Orange, Cash Green) to give a better sense to that while the dollars might be going down at times it is really just the random prizes that dictate when you are going to have good sessions/days/weeks.



Also as I mentioned had a bunch of work the last two days (did little to no poker each week day this week.  That is fine, the work is getting close to done and going to be pretty happy with the finished project.  I have also been really trying hard to keep up on my painting.  Having an Instagram account up now I want to try and have three to four pictures a day posted.  The last month I have been really falling behind on these so need to just keep focused on finishing projects, and getting them posted.


Also there was some pretty good sales on at the Steam store the last week or two.  This past weekend all Warner Brother titles where on sale so I finally pulled the trigger on the Batman Arkham trilogy.  Now I just need to dedicate a bunch of time to playing through them.  Also the week prior there was some other great sales on and I got, The Witcher 2, XCOM: Enemy unknown, Saints Row IV.  I managed to get all six games for ~$30 which is such a steal for a bunch of A++ games that I have not even managed to spent a minuet playing yet.

Going to do my best to keep firing out these short blogs and get them up each week as oppose to just letting this thing collect dust for a month or two at a time.

Thanks for stopping by, will get back to you all soon.

  1. Tino says:

    Sounds like its all going on over there. I have been painting as well. I tried landscapes, then still life, then portraits, but they were all crap, so I guess I’ll just stick to walls from now on 😉

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