You spin my head right round, right round

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Blog, Poker (nuff said)

So it has been about two months since my last poker update.  To be honest there is not a lot to say.  I took some needed time off during the end of July to do a bunch of Just for laughs stuff.  It was amazing, we got a two show pass for $100 each and managed to get six tickets to great shows.  For my $100 I managed to see:

-Jane Lynch Gala

-Alan Cummings Gala

-Ellie Kemper Gala

-Patton Oswalt

-Neil Patrick Harris Gala

-Margaret Cho

I was so happy to actually get tickets to the Patton Oswalt show and it was so AHHHH mazing.  He did the whole set somewhere between sixty to ninety minutes, and was probably the best comedy show that I have seen (the gala are great but I kind of put them on a different level then a comedy show).  Add the fact that each gala had something like five to ten great comedians this was probably the best $100 I have ever spent my whole life.

August was a little more relaxing.  Prior to my trip to Vegas I received my Zombicide kickstarter pledge and I spent a bunch of time painting those models and still managed to get in some poker where I could.  However I have really been about getting back to fun and basics so more games and less poker over August.  I did manage to make enough to eat, but nothing much to brag about.

But then we reach September.  It’s back to school, and I feel a bit like a drop out.  With a limited bankroll I decided to just give up on PLO.  Playing PLO is such an abusive relationship.  The variance beats the crap out of me all month long.  Then tells me how sorry it is buys me some new stuff and all is forgiven.  Until the next punishment.  Well I have moved on and dropped that bitch.  I have decided to get into Spin and Gos on Pokerstars.  Why, well it’s all the things that I love and hate about PLO rolled into a different game except with one key difference.  Six times less starting hands and so narrow ranges to put opponents on.  After a year and over half a million PLO hands playing short stack holdem is like jumping from Chess to Jenga.  To compare PLO to chess is not really fair.  PLO is like chess except at the end of each turn you roll a D8 for the column and a D8 for the row and remove any piece on the corresponding square.  PLO laughs at your best laid plans.  While Jenga, the best move is typically staring you right in the face.  Sure sometimes you bobble it, or make the wrong move, but it is not an overly complex game.


Chips Won over Tournaments Played for (PokerStars) rukidinme82

This first hundred or so games I was breaking about even but playing pretty good.  I had a few things to improve since I later found out that villains play a lot tighter than I would have expected.  After making these adjustment it’s been pretty smooth sailing.  I have been running super pure and I actually managed to spike a 100x spin and go (but sadly finished 2nd for 10x instead of 1st for 100x).  These seem to be going pretty good.  I find that I can easily juggle four tables and that will make it easy to get in 2k games a month, but probably closer to 3k.  As time goes on I might add a fifth or sixth table but really feel like the extra action would hurt my focus and bring down my win rate too far.  This weekend I am going to start and play the $7 level.  I do want to try and be aggressive with moving up, since I will soon need to take out some more money but a little unsure how many buy ins I should leave.  I currently have about 90 buy ins for the $7 level and think that will be fine with my win rate and expected variance.  I will probably move down if my BR drops to like $400 or something along those lines.

Will do my best to keep people posted on this.  The blog has been really neglected the last four months but will do my best to get it up and going again.

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